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Pat Goff Era

Pat Goff was appointed as principal following Tim Galvins retirement in 1997. To say that Pat had a baptism of fire would certainly be true! One wing of the school was damaged by a fire in Nov. ’97.



However, this was quickly rebuilt along with a complete re-roofing of the school and the installation of a security fence. Only one school day was lost during this upheaval and the support from the local community was overwhelming.




(The re- opening ceremony with, reader, Catherine Kehoe, Pat Goff and Fr. Colm Murphy)

Pat often refers to this era as a harsh reminder of our true values. What had been damaged in the fire was only bricks and mortar. The real tragedy around this time was the loss of our colleague, Pamela Lambert.
Now, a great advantage to us at this crucial time was that our school was to be highly resourced as the local area received disadvantaged status. This led to a preferential pupil/teacher ratio, more funding for resources and the appointment of Mary Culleton as Home-School Liaison Teacher. This recognition and increased support was a huge relief to those families who were struggling educationally and to the teachers in supporting the delivery of a solid education for all.



As a school, we again, gave priority to the Arts areas.


Mary cooking with parents--- legendary scones!


Around this time, Pat and deputy principal, Brigid Scully, sat down to decide on an appropriate crest and logo for the school. They decided on “Together we grow” or“Ní neart go cur le chéile.”(which had been the theme on the St. Patricks Day float in 1984) It did prove prophetic and from then on, Scoil Mhuire certainly grew and became acknowledged for its diversity and inclusion.

(Cover of promotional booklet 1998) Secretary, Anne, takes a break from the office to join a school tour.image059image060




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Singing and music have always been major activities with Irene Lawlor, who led many trips to the Hallelujah concerts in Dublin.


Scoil Mhuire proudly displays its first green flag following months of dedicated work by Miriam Linehan and her super committee. Ten years later, we are proud to have been awarded five green flags in total.


As the school grew, various changes occurred. In 2002, we were approached to consider accepting a unit for pupils with autism, fully resourced and with one to one staffing!!! (Well! So much for those promises!!!) Although none of us knew the first thing about autism, we felt that we could rise to the challenge. Little did we think that it would be such a rewarding experience.


The photo below shows Bernard and 5th class preparing for bulb planting. In the background there are prefabs which housed the ASD unit from 2002 to 2008.







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Pat Goff Era

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