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In Scoil Mhuire we run a book rental/purchase scheme.

From infants to second class we can supply all your child’s requirements, if you wish.
Children from third class up need to buy their own copies, pencils etc.
Our aim is to make it as affordable as possible for parents while ensuring your child has everything he/she needs.

The book list is divided into two parts:

- Section A covers services supplied by the school.
- Section B covers workbooks the children write in.

Parents may opt to buy workbooks down town during the holidays or order them through the school.

The advantages of ordering them through the school are:

• We order in bulk so we get a discount, which is passed on, to parents. The prices of workbooks quoted on your child’s list is 10% below those in the shop
• We have everything ready for the children on 1st
• There is no danger of a mix up or a child having the wrong books or copies.



 From infants to 2nd class copies and pencils are included in the book rental.

 From 3rd to 6th classes you will need to buy the following for your child:

 8 lined copies (88 pages, A11)

  • 2 sum copies (88 pages C3)
  • Pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, topper (in a pencil case)
  • Markers or Colouring pencils


If you are

• a medical card holder
• currently experiencing financial hardship
• in receipt of F.I.S.
• or if you have three or more children in the school

you are entitled to a grant which means you only have to pay the reduced rate. If you need clarification around this feel free to speak in confidence to your child’s teacher, Pat, Mary or Miriam.

Bills may be paid in instalments, or from your child’s credit union account, if that suits you best.



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