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Rainbow Green on the way to stardom

by in Rainbow Class
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Rainbow Green on the way to stardom

Eileen, the SNA in our room is kind of famous. Her niece, Shannon works for Easy Food magazine and last month she had a recipe in the magazine called 'Aunty Eileen's Biscuits'. So we decided in Rainbow Green that we would follow the recipe to make the biscuits.

First, we made a list of all of the ingredients we needed to buy. We looked in our classroom and saw that we did not need butter or milk because we already had them.


Then we took our list with us to Tesco in New Ross. We searched the shop for all of the ingredients we needed and then ticked them off our list. After that we scanned our items at the checkout til, paid for them and packed our bags.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-11-10-2017-11-56-45.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-11-10-2017-11-57-03.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-11-10-2017-11-59-06.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-11-10-2017-11-59-10.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-11-10-2017-13-26-20.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-11-10-2017-13-26-23.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-11-10-2017-13-26-08.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-11-10-2017-13-25-54.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-11-10-2017-13-26-01.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-11-10-2017-13-26-03.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-11-10-2017-13-25-59.jpg 

On Thursday, we made our biscuits in the staff room. We had to weigh all of the ingredients first. Then we sieved the flour and sugar. Next we creamed the butter and sugar together. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-20-25.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-21-53.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-25-34.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-23-25.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-24-07.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-23-49.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-26-56.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-27-30.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-27-59.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-28-23.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-29-20.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-32-07.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-32-43.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-33-05.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-34-43.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-34-01.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-34-28.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-33-18.jpg 

After that we used our rolling pin to roll out our dough. Then we used a cutter to make our biscuits into a circle shape.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-40-05.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-40-30.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-40-58.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-42-50.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-43-13.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-46-24.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-47-02.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-44-31.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-44-41.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-45-03.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-45-43.jpg  

We put an egg wash on our biscuits and put them into the over where we could see them baking. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-52-17.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-52-22.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-57-07.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-09-56-47.jpg

When we went back to our class we drew our designs that we were going to put on our biscuits. Then we put our design on our biscuits with icing. Our biscuits were delicious.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-11-13.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-11-49.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-11-57.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-11-54.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-12-00.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-11-21.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-15-06.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-15-23.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-15-33.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-15-42.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-16-25.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-15-24.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-16-42.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-16-32.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-12-10-2017-11-16-31.jpg

On Friday we got some good news that Eileen's niece, Shannon might be able to put some of our pictures into the Easy Food magazine.

Watch this space...Rainbow Green is going to be famous!


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