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Remembering our dear colleagues

Remembering our dear colleagues and Board of Management member who passed away during service in Scoil Mhuire.

Pamela Lambert


Pam joined the staff in Scoil Mhuire in 1985. She was the second “townie” on the staff, along with John Roche, and was insightful in a light hearted way about the characteristics of Wexfordians. Pam worked mainly with the junior classes up to Communion classes. Her strengths in teaching were providing a safe, structured environment for her pupils and consistently setting high standards in her pupils’ performance. During a fundraiser concert to purchase a sound system for the hall—(still a problem!!)--- every performer in Pam’s class could be heard clearly and distinctly causing one of the audience to comment that if all the pupils had Ms. Lambert then the school wouldn’t need a sound system!

Pam‘s class always produced beautiful handwriting, her secret was that she forbid the use of erasers. While Pam was a quiet person, she was a great listener and enjoyed hugely the antics of Colfer and Turner. A sporty and fit person the staff was left stunned by her death at such a young age – a young mother of a little boy - in 1998. Pam is remembered every year when the handwriting contest is held in her memory.



Mick Crowe

image051Mick arrived in Scoil Mhuire in 1999 as a teacher on the newly formed Supply Panel. He caused quite a stir!! A debonair, artistic, cycling enthusiast with an eclectic store of hats, friendship bracelets and scarves, Mick greeted us warmly every morning and taught us all to appreciate every day. He taught in Scoil Mhuire and in 7 other local schools as a supply teacher. He lived his beliefs including cycling everywhere following his strong views on protecting the environment. The pupils really enjoyed it when he would arrive into the classroom for a day because he enthralled them with his quirky drawings of the Simpsons – one for every occasion. Mick was a great supporter of Celtic soccer team and the Irish Soccer team.

It was during the 2002 World Cup that Mick tragically passed away. Mick’s love of nature inspired us to create our beautiful memorial garden at the school’s new reception area following the completion of a major extension. (See photo below)



Eileen Kennedy

image052Eileen joined the staff in 1984. She with her husband had spent several years in Africa before returning to Ireland and settled in Wexford. Eileen brought her wonderful, adventurous, no nonsense spirit with her to Coolcotts. She taught several classes over the years and was a very popular learning support teacher in later years. Eileen had a very strong sense of justice and was often heard urging the management to take a stand against injustice. She had a vision that children’s talent should be recognised and developed through sponsorship. Herself and her husband – both excellent tennis players—started the Parks Tennis summer programme, initially sponsored by Kit Kat. She would be delighted today to see that Scoil Mhuire is now a venue for this initiative.

Eileen was a tireless campaigner in the locality working with the St. Vincent De Paul as well as driving talented, athletic pupils to training after school. These acts of kindness were never acknowledged publicly because Eileen would not have wanted that. Sport was a huge part of her life and she promoted it in Scoil Mhuire by looking after the athletics in Bree and, of course, her very enjoyable and inclusive Sport’s Days. Eileen fought a brave fight without complaint. She, sadly, left us in 2005.We remember Eileen with our Fair Play Award every year at Sport’s Day.


Eileen having a laugh with Bernard Tracey and Irene Lawlor



Chrissie Cleary

Chrissie was serving on our Board of Management in 2010 when she suddenly passed away. Chrissie was such a wonderful supporter of Scoil Mhuire since 1983. Her tireless work in the community spilled over into school. Chrissie looked after every child from Belvedere Grove and not just her own. She forged links with the school even before the Department of Education created the phrase “ home/ school partnership.” With a heart as big as an ocean, Chrissie accompanied every girl’s camogie team and then football teams wherever we played, urging them on with a kind word and urging the coach on if we were defeated!! Chrissie understood that every child deserved a chance especially if he/she was difficult. Her mantra was always : That could be me/ or / That could be my child.

Without preaching, Chrissie epitomised the qualities of Inclusion and Tolerance which are the cornerstones of our ethos. Her love of Scoil Mhuire was based on giving children a chance to be their best. It was always worth listening to Chrissie’s opinion and her non judgemental attitude set an example to us all. Chrissie’s grá for our native language inspired us to name our memorial garden Gairdín Cuimhneacháin.




Gairdín Cuimhneacháin

This little garden is a special place to remember all our departed friends and relations.







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