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Scoil Mhuire History

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Lets take a trip down memory lane and have a look at its early years under the leadership of Principal, Tim Galvin.

Scoil Mhuire, Coolcotts, opened its doors for the first time in 1983. The parish of Clonard was expanding and Kennedy Park, N.S. was filled to capacity. A local committee, led by Seamus Mooney and, the then parish priest, Fr. Pat Cummins, raised £100,000 to purchase the site from Des Traynor.

The school was designed by local architects, Albert Lennon and Neil O’ Keefe and Cleary and Doyle built the school. Tim Galvin was appointed as principal and the school opened with seven classes.


From building site to finished School   





The original hard working fundraising committee.

We all pay tribute to these wonderful people in our community.





















The original teaching staff comprised of: 

Principal: Tim Galvin
Deputy Principal: Pat Goff
Irene Lawlor, Miriam Furlong, Brigid Scully Mary Cogley, Eleanor Smith, and Mary Culleton 




















The number of children enrolled was 250 on that first day in 1983.The 16 classroom school was hailed as one of the most modern of its era and cost in the region of £750,000.

The members of the first Board of Management were: Fr. P. Cummins, Tim Galvin, Nicky Rossiter, Simon Anglim, Pat Goff

Scoil Mhuire was known as “The New School” and was still referred to as such for almost two decades. The New School was an apt title for Scoil Mhuire as we did break new ground. In 1983, it was the only primary school in the town that was not founded by a religious order. While the staff was very aware of establishing a Catholic ethos with the bishop as its patron, it nevertheless lacked the hierarchical structure of other schools. As it was not Tim Galvin’s style to impose a sense of hierarchy, the staff assumed a great sense of ownership of all aspects of school life and was encouraged to spearhead initiatives that would benefit the pupils and give the school an identity.

This was helped along in an energetic way by parents who were setting up home in the newest parish in the town. They had fund-raised for years to set up the school and now wanted to be involved. The staff didn’t know each other, the parents or the pupils, but everyone was in the same boat, embarking on a journey together in uncharted waters. There was, and still is, a liberating feeling of “Anything is Possible!” in Scoil Mhuire, as well as a feeling of openness and friendliness.

By the turn of the decade the number of children exceeded 500.The area was a housing zone with housing estates full of young children.
During the mid 1990s recognition was given to schools where there was educational disadvantage. Tim Galvin applied for this support, as he felt our pupils would benefit from it in the future. Tim also made application to have the premises secured.





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