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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions we are frequently asked select one of the below questions to find out it's answer. If you have a question not addressed here, please contact us..

General Questions

School starts at 8:50 and finishes at 2:30. The Junior and Senior Infant classes finish at 1:30. The arrival of pupils in the morning is supervised from 8:35 only
Break times are split to allow for more playing space:
Check it out on the calendar on our website. A copy of the calendar is also sent to all families at the beginning of the school year but check website for updates.
Yes, Scoil Mhuire operates a Book Rental Scheme for all classes, Click here for more info.
The Scoil Mhuire uniform is:

Navy tracksuit bottom
Light blue polo shirt
Scoil Mhuire half zip
The half zip is available to buy from Hores Stores, Wexford. Hores Stores operates a Uniform Savings Scheme for any Parents/Guardians who would like to set aside some money towards uniform costs.
Yes. School communicates with parents via the app Aladdin Schools Connect, Parents are advised to upload the app and ensure the school has the correct phone number.
Yes, every year a school calendar for the following year is sent home with the end of year School Report in June. You can also check it here
A selection of school policies can be found on the website in the “policies”. Or you can ask for a copy at the office.
Parent / Teacher meetings take place in January where you can discuss your child’s progress in school (see link to calendar) Parents can arrange to meet the class teacher by ringing the school anytime and making an appointment.
Parents can write a note in the child’s homework diary asking for a meeting with the teacher. It is important to make an appointment at the office so that the teacher will be able to give you more attention.
The latest news will be posted on our website. Notes, emails and texts are sent on an ongoing basis informing parents of various activities/ news/ events in the school. Paper notes are sent to the oldest child in the family only.
A note is needed in cases of absence, if a child is late or if a child has to leave early. In general, any request needs to be put in writing. The homework diary is used for this purpose.
You can write a note in your child’s diary or ring the office. A child can only be collected by reporting to the office first and signing your child out. Please note that all visitors must report to the office on entering the school to ensure the safety of children and the security of the school premises.
We ask that all clothing and personal property is clearly labelled with your child’s name no matter what age he/she is. Our Lost / Found Clothing is hung up on the wall parallel to the School Hall. Unclaimed property is sent to a charity in the town.
Please see school calendar link for 1:30 closing days.
Our Healthy Eating policy( see link) states pupils are not allowed these foods during the school day. Fizzy drinks contain alot of sugar and along with the acid causes tooth decay. Crisp type snacks are not a healthy option. A small treat is allowed on Fridays only.
Yes. Pupils save with the local Credit Union who visit the school every week for withdrawals and lodgements.

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