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Mobile Phones Policy

Mobile phones can be intrusive and distracting. They are not conducive to an orderly classroom environment or to an ethos of learning.

Pupils are allowed to bring their phones in to school but they must not be switched on during the school day from 8.50 to 2.30. They are not allowed on the yard. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to confiscation of the phone, which will be kept in the Principals office until the end of the school day. A second offence will lead to confiscation for a week and the parent must collect the phone. A third offence will lead to confiscation for one term. Parents have been made aware of this rule.

Pupils are not allowed to bring mobile phones on school tours. A school mobile number will be given to all parents, which they can contact to let them know if the returning bus is near Wexford. In this way, parents will not have an unnecessary wait for their child at the end of the tour.

The school accepts no responsibility for phones lost or stolen. The use of camera phones in school is strictly forbidden. The school accepts no responsibility for the text or pictorial content on a child’s phone. This is a matter between child and parents.

In accordance with C.P.S.M.A. policy teachers are not allowed to have their mobile phone on in class unless with the permission of the principal. The use of mobiles by staff for essential calls should be kept to a minimum and should be taken/ made if possible in an open area where pupils are not present.





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