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Healthy Eating Policy

This policy was formulated by, teachers, parents and children of Scoil Mhuire in 2003 and was reviewed in 2006. Scoil Mhuire is dedicated to the care of the whole school community and seeks to enable each child to develop to his/her full potential.

Aims of this policy.

1. To ensure that all aspects of food and nutrition in school promote the well being of our pupils
2. To develop in our children an awareness of the importance of having a balanced healthy diet.
3. To encourage the children to make wise choices about food and nutrition.
4. To influence positively the future eating habits of our children
5. To assist parents in ensuring that children have a healthy balanced diet
6. To raise levels of concentration within class due to consumption of healthy food
7. To fulfil the food and nutrition guidelines issued by the Department in 2003.


• Children are encouraged to only bring what is considered healthy food to school for lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday children are allowed to bring a treat.
• Children will learn in SPHE about the importance of healthy eating. Particular emphasis will be put on The ‘Food Pyramid’
• Children will be encouraged, praised and occasionally rewarded by points, for bringing healthy lunches to school.
• Parents will be strongly encouraged to support the school policy.
• Parents are asked to inform the school if their child is on a special diet. This will ensure that teachers are aware of the school’s dietary needs and will make allowances accordingly.
• Diets followed by religious or ethnic groups will be respected.
• This policy will be monitored on an on-going basis.

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