The annual School Show, starring the graduating 6th Classes, has become a strong tradition and much anticipated yearly school event in Scoil Mhuire.

Every September, one of the first questions the new 6th Classes ask is, “What show are we doing this year?” However, it’s usually January before the big announcement is made and script reading, auditions and rehearsals begin.

By the end of the school year the senior classes, with sometimes a hundred pupils on stage, are ready to wow their audiences, with an amazing musical theatre experience. The School Show is a huge team effort from the entire school community.

Each year, everyone is convinced that they’ve seen the best show yet, and somehow the following year’s show is just as full of talented performers, hardworking actors, amazing singers, dancers and spirited teamwork.

And the question is asked again, “What’s next year’s show?”

Here are our most recent shows:

2022    Hit from the Musicals

2019    Aladdin

2018    Annie

2017    Beauty & the Beast

2016    The Lion King

2015    Oliver

2014    Honk!

2013    Joseph

2012    Mulan

2011    Aladdin

2010    Cinderella Rockafella

2009    Guys & Dolls

2008    Annie

2007    Honk!

2006    Oliver

2005    Joseph

2004    Bugsy Malone

2003    The Wizard of Oz

Joesph 2005

Oliver 2006

Honk 2007

Annie 2008

Guys and Dolls 2009

Aladdin 2011

Mulan 2012

Joseph 2013

Honk 2014

Oliver 2015

Lion King 2016

Beauty and the Beast 2017

Annie 2018

Aladdin 2019

Hit from the Musicals 2022