In late June of each school year, Scoil Mhuire’s 6th Class pupils celebrate their Graduation Ceremony. This is a very important event, a rite of passage, for our boys and girls as their eight years of primary schooling nears to a close and they start out on their journey of post-primary schooling. This special occasion is a joint endeavour by Scoil Mhuire management and Parents Association, is attended by the pupils’ families, and is an occasion filled with pride and joy, and sometimes a little sadness as the end of the Scoil Mhuire experience is in sight. The Graduation Ceremony is a time of remembering, celebrating and presenting mementos to our pupils of their time with us. As part of our celebrations, we present the annual Spirit of Scoil Mhuire Awards.

Congratulations to this year’s 18 recipient’s of the ‘Spirit of Scoil Mhuire’ awards. They are students from 6th class who have been recognised for their talents and contributions to Scoil Mhuire over the past 8 years. Well done everyone.