In June of each year, you will receive your child’s Annual School Report. This report will provide you with an overview of how your child is getting on as a learner at school, including their social and personal development. The report will outline the progress your child has made over the school year in the different subject areas, for example English, Maths, Arts Education, Physical Education etc. The report may provide some suggestions as to the kinds of things that you and your child could do together over the Summer months, for example fun learning activities, visits to the library etc.

For pupils from 2nd Class to 6th Class, the report will include the results of standardised tests in English reading, English spelling and Maths. A standardised test is one that compares your child’s results to other children of the same age across Ireland. The report will include some overall comments from the class teacher about how your child engaged at school and progressed during the school year. Finally, the report will comment on your child’s attendance and punctuality. The number of days missed from school, if any, will be noted.

In mid/later June, you will receive notification that your child’s report is ready to view on Aladdin. We will provide you with enough time to speak with your child’s class teacher, if you wish, before we break for the Summer holidays. Each annual school report will remain on your Aladdin account while your child is a pupil in Scoil Mhuire.

The parents/guardians of pupils in Rainbow will receive a paper copy of their child’s report, again outlining the learning goals achieved over the course of the school year. Pupils in a mainstream class who are receiving additional support from a special education teacher will receive an additional paper copy report from that teacher, as well as a class teacher report on Aladdin.

Pupils in 6th Class will receive a special school report, called an Education Passport. Scoil Mhuire will provide a copy of the Education Passport to your child’s post-primary school. Scoil Mhuire strongly encourages pupils and parents/guardians to complete the accompanying questionnaires, My Profile and My Child’s Profile, as they provide valuable information to your child’s receiving school.

School reports are stored securely in Scoil Mhuire and can be accessed by you at a later point in time, if needed.