Scoil Mhuire successfully employs two forms of direct online communication with our parents/guardians, using the Aladdin Connect app and the ClassDojo app. Both of these apps can be downloaded to your smartphone and we will provide you with the log in details you need to get your accounts up and running.

Some of the key functions of Aladdin include:

  • Payment of school fees for your child, for example for school outings, swimming etc, can be paid securely without incurring any additional bank charges.
  • Access to your child’s attendance record and the easy reporting of the reason for your child’s absence to their class teacher.
  • Access to your child’s Annual School Report.
  • Important text messages about school events or urgent school notifications are sent to you via Aladdin.


Scoil Mhuire uses ClassDojo as our day-to-day communication tool between our school and our families. As a parent/guardian, you will receive regular updates from your child’s class teacher about exciting learning activities taking place in the classroom, the homework assigned for the week, upcoming classroom events etc.



You will also receive notifications about upcoming school activities, for example sporting events, HSCL activities etc. By using ClassDojo, you have the opportunity to keep fully up-to-date with all that is happening in our school. Through ClassDojo, you can also privately message your child’s class teacher or members of our school’s senior management team. In using the private messaging function, we hugely appreciate you being mindful that messages will be accessed and responded to during the school day.

Sometimes, especially when we change our mobile phones or mobile numbers, it may be a little tricky getting set up again on Aladdin or ClassDojo. As we feel it’s very important for us to stay in contact with one another, we would be delighted to help you get set up or re-set up as needed. Please contact our HSCL Coordinator or School Secretary as we’re here to help you.