The Say YES to Languages Programme is a Department of Education initiative which offers primary school pupils an introduction to a variety of modern foreign languages. The programme encourages awareness amongst pupils of the mixture and diversity of languages used in Ireland today, in their schools and in the communities where they live.

Scoil Mhuire participated in the Say YES to Languages Programme, for the first time in 2023. Our 3rd & 4th Class pupils worked with their French tutor Síonna over an 8-week period.

With Síonna, our girls and boys really enjoyed learning and practising greetings in French, talking about themselves, learning key French vocabulary, singing French songs, making posters and even enjoying some French cuisine!

You might like to listen to our video where our pupils share some of what they learned!

We’re already looking forward to next year.

We may get to choose Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Irish Sign Language, Romanian, Polish, Lithuanian, Tamil or Portuguese!