In Scoil Mhuire, we are working to embed digital technologies into all areas of school activity, focusing on learning, innovation and continuous improvement. Every day, we use a wide range of digital devices including iPads, chromebooks, laptops, and interactive whiteboards. We also use lots of electronic tools like Google Workspace for Education, online applications and games, apps, and media.

In our school, we are learning to create and communicate in digital spaces and strengthen our pupils’ learning knowledge and skills. Our pupils are learning to create and explore different digital technologies. We also teach them to navigate and engage with digital environments in a way that is safe, responsible and respectful.

We are using electronic tools, devices and systems to learn in new ways. Through the use of OLUS Education, our pupils are learning digital skills, coding and digital literacy at their own pace and with the support of their teachers. We are also learning to use digital technology to increase our pupils’ engagement in all areas of the curriculum.